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AR/VR Solutions  


Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have been attracting a lot of interest in recent years. Technical giants such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, HTC, Sony and Samsung have invested millions of dollars in the AR/VR related devices. Furthermore, the number of AR/VR start-up companies has been growing exponentially each year. By 2016, there were at least 230 companies developing AR/VT related products. AR/VR devices have various applications which includes but not limited to gaming, education, military training, maintenance, repair and assembly guidance as well as in orientation and navigation.

A typical AR/VR solution is a head-mounted display (HMD). HMD usually consists of a micro-display and some waveguiding and projection optics. Such a micro-display could be liquid crystal displays (LCDs) or organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). Selectronic offer high ppi, fast response and high refresh rate LCD or OLED micro-displays from 0.39 inch to 5.5 inch. Such micro-displays can be used in many innovative applications such as AR/VR HMD devices.

High resolution

LCD display (with a pixel density exceeding 2,000 ppi) and Micro OLED display (up to 5000+ppi) show pictures in an exquisite and smooth way., which offer customers a better visual experience by effectively eliminating the screen-door effect of VR HMD.

Quick response

The use of fast response LCD (a rotating viscosity coefficient is much smaller than ordinary LCD special LCD), and optimize the design of the screen, the backlight using black technology (according to the LCD characteristics, backlight in accordance with the specific frequency of periodic shutdown), the perfect solution Shadow caused by the sense of vertigo.

High refresh rate

Supports more than 90Hz refresh rate.

At Selectronic, we’re passionate about displays and highly focused on the very latest and innovative technologies available – Speak to one of our experienced team and let us help you to choose the right solution and create something exciting!

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