Our solutions are designed to bring concepts into real life.

Selectronic specialises in the design, development and consistent supply of optoelectronics – primarily electronic display products. We do not just focus on the technology though. We pride ourselves on offering a human touch, bringing together our customer requirements with the very best innovation to achieve the optimal product, whether it be key dashboard display for a new high end vehicle or the most basic LED on a consumable device. We look to combine excellent customer service and key expertise both within Selectronic, and within our strategic suppliers, to secure the best final product.

Our belief in customer-oriented service has been the driving force in expanding our business over 30 years in the electronic market sector – one of the toughest businesses to secure consistent high end performance. Compared to our major competitors, who are all global manufacturing players, Selectronic has concentrated on being flexible and having an acute knowledge of our markets, linked to a core understanding of the technology behind the products. We take pride in delivering to our customer’s key engineering advantage in markets which remain constantly challenging (due to a combination of the need to deliver engineering excellence, commercial advantage and on time performance).

We believe that customer satisfaction and trust are the two key ingredients to underpin growth in the future. Over the years we have proven our commitment to customers. We have established ourselves as true business partners who understand our clients many and varied needs. Furthermore, we partner with trusted industry experts such as Tianma and Honglitronic to bring you the very best and latest in optoelectronics and pass on the wealth of knowledge these relationships bring.

In addition we see the need to take a lead in the global issues of sustainability, environmental responsibly and human rights. To confirm this we commit to all ten of the key global company aims confirmed within the UN Global Charter and publish yearly our KPIs to advise our customers as well as suppliers of our improvement targets. These commitments are in addition to our QA approvals of ISO 9002 and ISO 14000.