We started in Oxford and now have expanded to China, the secret to our success is unity. Teamwork is what has kept us ahead in the tech industry for over thirty years. Let us share a little bit of our story with you.

Selectronic has been involved with LEDs since the early stages of the technology and place high importance on our extensive background in optoelectronics, displays and more generally in the electronics market. As a result we have become rather good at it. Using our experience, we assist customers old and new with enhanced products that their customers will benefit from.

Established in 1979 in the field of LEDs, Selectronic have over the past thirty years become the experts in all optoelectronic technologies. Today, our commitment to innovation has helped us keep our clients on the cutting edge of technology.

Our team are dedicated to finding the best solution for your project in terms of price, performance and quality – usually resulting in a bespoke solution that exceeds your expectations.

Being industry specific, not geographical gives you the support you need with our experts understanding your industry, your expectations and what can give your business the edge in a fast paced environment.

All of our production is in Asia with facilities fully audited by us. Each facility fulfils the requirements needed by your specific industry and application to deliver on time with quality.

Having an office in the UK and China give us the experience and peace of mind for quality where the only limitation is your imagination.