Vision and Values


Bringing your ideas to life.
Our solutions are designed to take your concept into real life. Our vision is to remove any limitations to this process, producing optimal results, using the best quality materials, value for money and service.


Our process in making our mission a reality is fulfilled using our vision of success.

Consult: Seize the opportunity
Design: Discover the potential
Manufacture: Realise the vision
Deliver: Bring it to life


Our Values:


SELECT us. Getting to know Selectronic means knowing what we are all about.

S = Synergy

We work closely together behind the scenes making us a partner you can trust

E = Enterprise

We provide innovative solutions for your business with a wealth of knowledge

L = Legacy

Providing companies with a long-term solution that continues to produce results

E = Efficiency

Our thirty years of experience give you the assurance that you can trust us through the entire process.

C = Creativity

Big picture thinking that takes your imagination and makes it a reality

T= Together

Working in unity with our clients.

Working with you as the perfect partner means imagination is the only limit. So make a choice today that changes tomorrow.