Optoelectronics Consultancy

Following the merger with Anders Electronics, we are no longer updating this website and it will shortly close. Please visit the Anders website – here you will also find details of our how we work in partnership with our customers from the very start of their project journey.


Selectronic’s mission is to bring your ideas to life. Every problem is an opportunity to us. You know what is required and, with our wealth of knowledge, we can help you with the balance between price point and design deals.

Selectronic’s expertise is in finding innovative solutions that lead to the perfect component. Selectronic will work closely with you to come up with proposals – offering alternatives which explain the pros and cons for each choice available, based on price, performance and quality. You can trust Selectronic to help you to find the very best product solution for the requisite application.

To find out more about our consulting process please contact us.