Optoelectronics Design

Discover the potential of your initial idea. Selectronic’s solutions are designed to take concepts into real life.

From the outset Selectronic will guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of all the suitable display technologies available. Utilising our extensive experience and specialist knowledge we will help you to select the right solution based on the key requirements of your application.

Once a display solution is established Selectronic will help create a drawing/specification to reflect the key considerations for this device and after approval of specification we then create samples that are to specification. We will also oversee the manufacturing processes and raw material selection to ensure parts meet our required quality standards.

Once the design has been finalised and the sample approved,Selectronic will create control plans and QC inspection processes to ensure volume production parts are to an agreed specification and delivered in accordance with the time plan.

To find out more about how Selectronic can aid your design process please contact us.