Optoelectronics Manufacture

Following the merger with Anders Electronics, we are no longer updating this website and it will shortly close. Please visit the Anders website – here you will also find details of our how we work in partnership with our customers from the very start of their project journey.


Selectronic wants to help you to realise your vision and with thirty years of experience you can trust Selectronic to make it a reality. We take quality seriously, both in our modes of operation and in the products we manufacture.

To ensure Selectronic’s products meet the highest standards we specify and approve all raw materials; IQC procedures; production plan and process control; working instructions for production line operators and final QC test and inspection.

Selectronic’s products also comply with ROHS; REACH and ethical sourcing of precious minerals.

Selectronic operates and conforms to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001.

Selectronic conducts internal audits to ensure employment and working conditions meet our ethical safety policies; our policy and procedures are adhered to and PPM levels are recorded to ensure that we are achieving our quality standards.

Where stated our products also comply with LM80; TS16949 and UL.

To find out more about our manufacturing processes please contact us.