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Getting the Most out of Optoelectronic Equipment for Industry

Achieving the ideal viewing angle plays a vital role in getting the most out of optoelectronic equipment for industry.

To rule out any chance of errors on a process control system, our customer wanted to see a series of passive displays mounted in a range of positions from any angle without being able to see any off segments. To add further complication, the customer not only required an LCD, he needed a bespoke solution to connect with their existing software/hardware solution.

Off the shelf LED solutions that were available did not provide the customer with the necessary clarity as it was possible to see off segments on the display, leading to inefficiencies in production.




To overcome this and quickly arrive at a solution best fitted to our customer, we made use of our all-round VA technology. This low duty requirement led us to produce the customer with an ink black screen in the off state and amazing clarity in the on state – a perfect result!

Not only that – Selectronic was also able to offer the PCB tooled to accept the network cables required for the customer’s interface and software, complete with dimmable backlight solution. It was also important to protect the display against such things as spillages, and so we offered a bespoke housing and also the correct interface cables for a plug in solution.

Selectronic are able to offer other plug and play solutions for serial RS485 and similar requirements with bespoke interfaces – to solve any viewing angle problem.

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‘Its working – the green light is on’. This was the start for LEDs – simple devices red or green to indicate status. Nowadays LEDs are used everywhere!Indoor and Outdoor Lighting  – LM80  20-150w MacAdam Binning Automotive – Interior/ambient lighting, Head Lamps, Turn or Stop Lamps – TS16949 Quality standard Backlighting – TV, Advertising signboards, Commercial displays Indicators – Red Green Yellow Blue …

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From Side Turn Indicator (Directional Indicator) LED PCB modules in wing mirrors to full TAIL/STOP/REVERSE/DI/FOG/NUMBER PLATE LED PCB modules, whether through-hole or SMT components, we at Selectronic understand the in-depth requirements of the automotive design process and the need for automotive grade materials and AECQ components. Our team therefore designs all LED modules with this in mind and our fully …

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