Selectronic Case Studies

New LED PCBA's for Client

A customer was looking for an alternative source for LED PCBA’s due to their current supplier being considered expensive.

Automotive grade quality and processes were required for all aspects of the design, components and production, and all associated quality controls and certificates were required to be in place.




Traditional auto components and LED’s tend to be expensive as they all need to be approved to AECQ101 which is the quality level required.

LED’s specifically, are normally only available from a limited number of suppliers, so this is a relatively niche market.

Our design engineers at Selectronic discussed various options with one of our LED partners in China. A suitable LED was found in terms of size, colour and brightness etc, but the LED was not AECQ101 approved.

The circuit was however designed together with our assembly partners and samples were supplied with the suggested LED.

The customer then subjected the samples to many tests to ensure that they would be suitable for the application and associated vehicle legislation.

Whilst the tests were continuing, the complete design was scrutinised in minute detail by the teams involved to ensure all parameters and requirements were met.

The end result was that the design and LED were more than suitable, and the LED out-performed many of the traditional LED’s used in automotive applications.

One problem was still outstanding however, and this was the ‘non’ AECQ101 approval of the LED.


This was taken on board by Selectronic and our LED partner, and together we agreed to extensively test the LED to the AECQ101 level. Needless to say, it passed with ‘flying colours’!

The LED PCBA has now been in mass production for over 1 year in substantial volumes, and we are running at a 0 ppm level.

Many lessons were learnt during this process, but a great job was completed by the teams involved, resulting in a very happy customer who we are now working with on many other projects.