Selectronic Case Studies

Large size TFT screens finding a place in the retail environment

For the retail sector, technology can often be the most vital component in ensuring that a customer’s experience is one that they won’t forget – and will repeat regularly. The journey from interest to purchase is critical whether you are attracting a buyer or closing a sale.

Building on the success of the EDGE shelf edge display, we have expanded our range of retail display products to include large size TFTs, offering a wide array of solutions to every signage challenge for retailers.

Dynamic Retail Content  

Dynamic content in any store, any location, any time.

Selectronic’s digital signage enables content to be displayed dynamically in any store, any location. This is made possible through our driver board development capabilities, which allows us to go above and beyond just promoting our more standard TFT screens.

By working with our digital content management partners, we provide complete and often tailored solutions to retail environments. This opens up countless possibilities for our retail customers to digitally display product information and promotional campaigns in a way that enhances their own customers’ journeys and brand experiences.

It’s also these key relationships with our partners that allow us to provide our products immediately to stores where and when required.

Joined up content and promotions

The coherence within Selectronic’s signage solutions enables content changes to be made dynamically in any store, any location quickly and easily. Promotional campaigns can be created and rapidly delivered directly to large TFT screens, ensuring imagery and content are current, delivering a consistent brand message, and matching visuals that may also be appearing across other marketing platforms.

When combined with the stunning, high resolution of Selectronic’s large screens, it’s this cross-channel, cross-location, coherence that makes a real difference to how our displays truly enhance the retail experience.

The right configuration of display technology within your retail space

With environments and the challenges facing them often unique, the flexibility within the Selectronic range allows retail customers to create the ideal solution for their exact needs. This will often include a combination of:

  • Digital signage for advertising and value added
  • Time appropriate promotions
  • Point of sale signage
  • Menu boards
  • Window displays
  • Interactive free standing kiosks

Where required, we are able to offer additional options such as customised driving solutions for features such as daisy chain, 4K split and mirror screen.  And retail customers can trust that all necessary tests are carried out, ensuring products meet all requirements.

Take your own customer journey with Selectronic

Selectronic’s team of experienced engineers in the UK and China help take customer requirements from concept to market.  This may involve transferring initial concepts into engineering drawings and where necessary not just find electronic solutions, but to also resolve mechanical mounting issues as well. Learn more about Witney based Selectronic’s larger sized TFT for digital retail signage solutions by calling 01993 778000 or by contacting us via our contact form.


James Attwood - Retail Business Manager  

Experienced in matching the correct technology and visual appearance for the front face of your product. Working with you to take your project requirements from concept stage to mass production.