Selectronic Case Studies

Touch sensitive Front Panel with LED Display and LED Indicators

Touch sensitive Panels are becoming increasingly popular for controlling the functionality of both White and Brown goods. Our customer required a touch sensitive panel with a smart shiny black finish to complement the overall styling of the product. The problem was that they also required a combination of LED Display and LED’s to illuminate a panel approximately 200mm x 80mm.

The front panel pcb had to be bonded to the shiny black plastic fascia – in order to make the touch control operate. This meant that standard LED Displays (through hole technology) and SMT devices were going to be difficult to incorporate.



The problem for each LED was resolved by using reverse mount SMD devices which then shone through a hole in the pcb to illuminate an area of the front panel directly. The LED Display issue was more difficult. This had to be realised with a LED Display owing to the complexity of the display required and the need for a uniform brightness and colour display. Through holes could not be used, and so a full custom solution was developed that was surface mount connected to the front panel pcb – and shone through a large hole in it, so that its light directly illuminated the front surface.

The final issue to resolve was to match the colours of the SMD LED to the colours of the LED Display .

Selectronic advised on all aspects of this design and supply the full component set for the front panel – which is currently in high volume production