Selectronic Case Studies

Updating TFT display in pre existing product

Updating the display on a Brown Good can revitalise its look and make it a very compelling product for the end customer.

We were asked to introduce a TFT display into an existing product with the minimum of disturbance to the existing mechanical arrangements, as the tooling costs for these can be huge.

A 2” TFT was the correct size for the product, and it was required to have a I²C interface for ease of electrical connection. The mechanical arrangement being fixed meant that a custom backlight had to be developed so the new display would be up close to the existing front panel window and it could be seen. With this done, the flexi connector then also had to be changed. A longer part was now needed to connect to the front panel pcb.

Both of these semi customisations were quickly implemented at minimal tooling costs, enabling the TFT to be inserted into the existing mechanical arrangement.


Plastic moulding holding the TFT Glass, and incorporating the LED backlight. This can be customised to provide unique mechanical fixings,

Flexi pcb connection. Customisations include the length of flexi, pin pitch, and style to fit either soldering or connectoristion. LED Backlight connections can be on this connector, or brought out separately.