Selectronic Case Studies

White on Black LCD Cooker Panel

Fitted kitchens require a uniform look and feel from the appliances used in them to ensure the best overall effect. This can be achieved by using the same Brand throughout your installation – but for the manufacturer they must ensure that each appliance with different display requirements has the same ‘look and feel’.

Our customer wanted their new oven to match all other existing products in the range – but the display requirements were different so that a new display had to be produced. In addition they have a strong second source policy which was forcing them to look at a completely different supplier for the display.

The display had also to be easily seen from around the kitchen – dictating a wide viewing angle.


The solution

As the other products in the range were LCD, this display needed to be the same. The wide viewing angle requirement led us to use VA Technology, in positive mode to create the dark background. The White characters and icons were then realised using a white LED Backlight. So far so good. The problem was to match the exact White Colour co ordinate being displayed, and also the totally ‘black’ background. The initial approximation was made simply using white LEDs that had a similar XY specification. However this was not the final answer as subjective testing had to be performed to match the exact result. Moreover at the same time the filter selection and fluid selection for the LCD was being fine tuned to produce the required ‘black’ background.

Thus we were moving 3 variables to home in on the exact combination required. Selectronics’ years of experience in producing LCD solutions enabled us to short circuit what could have been a very laborious process so that we were able to quickly arrive at a solution that – to use the customers words ‘ was better than the original’.

The design was finished with the addition of a custom plastic holder for the LCD and LED Backlight, so that this complete sub assembly could be added to the customers pcb to provide the complete display solution.

VA Technology, Backlit by LED’s produces a stunning effect with very wide viewing angle