Optoelectronic Devices

If you know your LCD from your TFT, or your touch panel from your keypad, Selectronic enables you to search within our website to find exactly what you are looking for.
We don’t do one off’s, but supply in bulk as our products are built for the industries they support. Make sure you revisit this section regularly as with all technologies things move fast and our news section also keeps you ahead of the game.

The products that we supply meet our very high standards ensuring you don’t go to a lot of expense installing cheaper quality products that fail you when you need them most.
Our job is to help you implement the very best solution available for your peace of mind and your companies reputation.

Our full range of products includes LCD displays, TFT displays, LED custom display lighting, LED components, LED displays, OLED, touch panels, keypads and PCB modules.
Remember if there is something you don’t see here, we can source it for you or you can even liaise with our bespoke solutions team.

Bespoke Design

Bringing your ideas to life is our mission and working with a team with 40 years worth of innovation will ensure we will realise your vision. Our optoelectronic solutions are designed to take concepts into real life and working with you as the perfect partner means imagination is the only limit. Our process in making new ideas happen follow a 4 step process… Consult: Seize the opportunity: If not now, when. Sometimes the best ideas need to shared and with our confidentiality you … Read more

Infrared Receivers are widely used in conjunction with a remote control handset to provide remote functionality for a wide range of consumer goods – Tv’s, Set Top boxes, Air Conditioners, Lighting control, DVD Players are a few common applications, but the list is growing all the time. The system relies on a transmitting IR LED in the remote control sending a …
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Selectronic can supply touch panels together with TFT displays or supplied separately according to your project’s needs. Selectronic work together with our customers and the LCD and TFT manufacturers to offer the best technical and cost effective solution for each application. Whilst most touch screen solutions are designed together with the LCD/TFT, separate touch screens can be offered depending on the application …
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  Selectronic supply Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) modules to many manufacturing sectors and we are trusted to provide the best design solution for the application the module is required for, both on time and within budget. Selectronic, in partnership with Polatechno, can also offer guidance on polariser materials for LCD’s and TFT’s. Please see the following link, but please contact us for further …
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Selectronic supply a complete choice of industrial grade and automotive TFT displays in wide temperature ranges and standard industrial package sizes. We also provide full or semi-custom TFT displays with optimised characteristics to supply truly enhanced displays for your customers. We also supply Thin-Film-Transistor LCD displays to a wide range of industry sectors that are used in numerous applications because of …
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‘Its working – the green light is on’. This was the start for LEDs – simple devices red or green to indicate status. Nowadays LEDs are used everywhere!Indoor and Outdoor Lighting  – LM80  20-150w MacAdam Binning Automotive – Interior/ambient lighting, Head Lamps, Turn or Stop Lamps – TS16949 Quality standard Backlighting – TV, Advertising signboards, Commercial displays Indicators – Red Green Yellow Blue …
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Organic Light Emitting Diodes OLED’s use a film of organic material (carbon based) that emits light when an electric current is applied. As they are self-emitting, they do not require a backlight (unlike LCD’s), and are therefore more efficient, simpler to make, and much thinner. Benefits of OLED technology are numerous, some of which include:Simple structure that is well suited for low …
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With a wide range of Keypad (Keymat/Switchmat) technologies, from simple silicone rubber keypads to complex designs, Selectronic can offer the best solution for any application be it Consumer, Industrial, Retail or Automotive. Quality design and tactile feel differentiates the Selectronic product, and as leaders in keypad technology backed by a production capability, we can meet the latest requirements and volume demands. The …
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From Side Turn Indicator (Directional Indicator) LED PCB modules in wing mirrors to full TAIL/STOP/REVERSE/DI/FOG/NUMBER PLATE LED PCB modules, whether through-hole or SMT components, we at Selectronic understand the in-depth requirements of the automotive design process and the need for automotive grade materials and AECQ components. Our team therefore designs all LED modules with this in mind and our fully …
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OnDisplay Modules


Whether that’s the latest innovations in automotive driver experience or embedded displays in medical devices, we specialise in turning great display concepts into high performing, bespoke solutions that fit your application’s exact needs. We do this by designing and manufacturing customisable embedded display solutions that integrate perfectly with your product design.

Touch screen technology continues to develop at a rapid pace. Choosing the right touch screen and the firmware behind it, is crucial to the success of your product.
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