Infrared Receivers

Infrared Receivers are widely used in conjunction with a remote control handset to provide remote functionality for a wide range of consumer goods – Tv’s, Set Top boxes, Air Conditioners, Lighting control, DVD Players are a few common applications, but the list is growing all the time.

The system relies on a transmitting IR LED in the remote control sending a coded pulse train to the main unit (TV,DVD etc). This is received by the IR Receiver module which contains a PIN Photodide which receives the initial signal. This is then conditioned by a built in pre-amplifier and then output via an Integrator and wave shaper circuit.


Selectronic can now offer a complete range of IR Receivers to cater for all remote control to front panel communication needs. The range includes both surface mount and through Hole type devices.

These parts cover all the popular operating frequencies of 32.7,37.9,40, and 56.7 kHz. And operate from -20 to 80 °C.

IR Receiver Package Selection Guide

Mount TypeImageSupporter TypeOperating Voltage VICC (mA) TypCentre Frequency Khz
Through HoleIR Receivers Big splash_Page_1_Image_0001Normal2.7 – 5.50.332.7 / 36.7 / 37.9 / 40 / 56.7
Through HoleIR Receivers Big splash_Page_2_Image_0002Bending2.7 – 5.50.332.7 / 36.7 / 37.9 / 40 / 56.7
Through HoleIR Receivers Big splash_Page_2_Image_0003Plastic Guide2.7 – 5.50.332.7 / 36.7 / 37.9 / 40 / 56.7
Through HoleIR Receivers Big splash_Page_2_Image_0004Sheild Guide2.7 – 5.50.332.7 / 36.7 / 37.9 / 40 / 56.7
SMDIR Receivers Big splash_Page_2_Image_0005Vertical2.7 – 5.50.332.7 / 36.7 / 37.9 / 40 / 56.7
SMDIR Receivers Big splash_Page_2_Image_0006Horizontal2.7 – 5.50.332.7 / 36.7 / 37.9 / 40 / 56.7
SMDIR Receivers Big splash_Page_2_Image_0007Horizontal Vertical2.7 – 5.50.332.7 / 36.7 / 37.9 / 40 / 56.7
SMDIR Receivers Big splash_Page_2_Image_0008Horizontal2.7 – 5.50.332.7 / 36.7 / 37.9 / 40 / 56.7
SMDIR Receivers Big splash_Page_2_Image_0009Horizontal2.7 – 5.50.332.7 / 36.7 / 37.9 / 40 / 56.7
SMD Thin TypeIR Receivers Big splash_Page_2_Image_0010Horizontal2.7 – 5.50.332.7 / 36.7 / 37.9 / 40 / 56.7
SMD Thin TypeIR Receivers Big splash_Page_2_Image_0011Horizontal2.7 – 5.50.332.7 / 36.7 / 37.9 / 40 / 56.7

IR Receiver Communications Protocol Selection Guide

Parts are available for all communication protocols. Select your requirement from the table:

Data Format0 Series1 Series9 SeriesB SeriesK SeriesG SeriesH Series
RC5 Philips
RC6 PhilipsXX
RCA ThomsonXXX
Sony 12 bitXXXX
Sony 15 bitXXXXXX
Sony 20 bitXXXXXX
Communications CodeXXXX

Product Testing

Of course for Selectronic to offer these parts we have to be sure they will operate in the worst case conditions for such parts. These include being subject to harsh Fluorescent lighting – which when used with electric ballast can produce significant electromagnetc interference.

Surprisingly TV’s themselves can be a source of interference, with Plasma types being the worst for this. We have verified the performance of these parts under the above conditions – so we are sure the parts are fit for your application!

IR Receiver Testing Set up


Image top right: about 500 Lux when luxmeter faces front.

Image middle right: about 1000 Lux when luxmeter faces top

Images bottom: The test station is illuminated with both tube and CFL lighting to produce a worst case interference environment. Osram and Hippo 36W CFL. Philips 36W tube and Electric Ballast.

Set-Top Box and TV Testing

Operational distance was determined

The devices under test were fitted to a STB, which was connected to a selection of different TV’s. STB and TV are mounted onto a turntable so tangential beam angles could easily be set up.

Test Results Achieved

10m Test10m Test 10m Test
Ind Std00
Ind Std0– 40
Ind Std0+ 40
Ind Std– 25– 409.5m9.5m9.5m
Ind Std– 25+ 40✓     10m✓     10m✓     10m
Ind Std+ 25– 409.5m9.5m9.5m
Ind Std+ 25+ 40✓     10m✓     10m✓     10m
Selectronic0– 40 ✓ ✓ ✓
Selectronic0+ 40
Selectronic– 25– 40✓     10.5m✓     10.5m✓     10.5m
Selectronic– 25+ 40✓     11m✓     11m✓     11m
Selectronic+ 25– 40✓     10.5m✓     10.5m✓     10.5m
Selectronic+ 25+ 40✓     11m✓     11m✓     11m
 In some cases our device showed better performance than the industry standard device, in no conditions were they less good.

Download data sheets

Typical data sheets for both the Through hole and SMD parts can be downloaded here:

IR Receiver Module ROM-TG36MS

IR Receiver Module ROM-LG336SMV-R

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirement. We can supply full information on the correct part and provide samples for evaluation.

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