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With a wide range of Keypad (Keymat/Switchmat) technologies, from simple silicone rubber keypads to complex designs, Selectronic can offer the best solution for any application be it Consumer, Industrial, Retail or Automotive.

Quality design and tactile feel differentiates the Selectronic product, and as leaders in keypad technology backed by a production capability, we can meet the latest requirements and volume demands.

The keypads are nonconductive with a carbon pill mounted within the bottom of each key to form the switch contact. For certain applications the use of conductive inks or gold pated contacts is an alternative to the carbon pill.

Offering long life from optimised design and construction, Selectronic can also harness our expertise in hard coating, to provide durable finishes on the face and legends of the keypads.

Careful placing of SMD LEDs can offer excellent backlighting performance, and by utilising a variety of web design options, the all-important look and feel of the material can be maximised to match the operation, providing the best switch action for the application.

The silicone keypad acts as a sealing gasket for the PCB and will improve the dust and moisture protection of the equipment. With no mechanical moving parts it offers excellent protection to operational rattles and inherent reliability over time.

Custom keypads

1. Silicone rubber keypad (dome switchmat).

2. Silicone rubber keypad with integral hard rubber keys.

3. Silicone rubber keypad with coloured buttons and legend printing.

4. Silicone rubber keypads with laser etched printing

5. Silicone rubber keypads with laser etching and backlighting

6. Silicone rubber keypad with co moulded integral hard plastic key tops.

7. Silicone rubber keypad with co moulded hard plastic key tops and metal frame.

8. Silicone rubber keypads laser etched with Polydome array.

9. Silicone rubber keypads assembled and mounted in plastic bezel with other required components.

Keypads Technology

Other keypad options:

1.TPU – Thermoplastic Polyurethane Soft Touch Keypad

Formed using a co-molded process with silicone rubber it combines low profile with a soft feel and short switch travel. The construction and materials used with this technology provides high abrasion resistance and a long lasting keypad.



2. PET-FPCB – Short travel keypad

Utilising short travel and a tactile dome to provide the click action, this technology can be combined with co-mould metal or plastic topped keys to provide a high finish and optimum switch action.



3. Gapless Keypad

Consisting of keys bonded to a foil and fixed to the rear PCB via a heat seal, this solution is optimised for compact data entry mats. With hard topped keys and tactile switch action the operation give good clear response and excellent key top finish.


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