LED Components

Following the merger with Anders Electronics, we are no longer updating this website and it will shortly close. Please visit the Anders website – here you will also find details of our LED range and the design services we offer.


‘Its working – the green light is on’. This was the start for LEDs – simple devices red or green to indicate status. Nowadays LEDs are used everywhere!

  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting  – LM80  20-150w MacAdam Binning
  • Automotive – Interior/ambient lighting, Head Lamps, Turn or Stop Lamps – TS16949 Quality standard
  • Backlighting – TV, Advertising signboards, Commercial displays
  • Indicators – Red Green Yellow Blue White Amber BiColour RGB
  • Plant Growth Lighting – custom wavelengths and proportioning
  • Industrial Curing UVA/ UVC Nail Lamp Photo Catalyst Anti Counterfeiting Water purification
  • Security Systems IR Floodlight

Selectronic have devices ready to meet all the above applications – and yours! We offer either standard or customised parts to exactly match your needs.


LED Technology

Packages include:

  • UV LEDs – Applications include sterilization & disinfection, scientific & biological and analytic and security tools. Click here for specification.
  • Chip LED, suitable for signal indicator, digital display application and backlight etc.
  • TOP LED, low heat resistance, suitable for general lighting product.
  • High power LED, high flux output, low DC operating voltage, suitable for outdoor lighting and automotive lighting.
  • Lamp LED, through hole package, low power consumption, suitable for indicator.
  • COB, high light efficiency, excellent heat conduction.

Fei Mao - Project Manager


Fei’s career started in Shanghai as a hardware design engineer in the marine industry, with four years in circuit diagram design and PCB layout experience.