LED Displays

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LED Displays are the most cost effective solution for conveying relatively small amounts of Information to the end user. At up to around 6 digits and 6 icons they offer the best price performance of all displays. They are easily visible in total darkness and have an exceptionally long lifetime of around 100k hours (11.5 Years to half brightness) – making them suitable for ‘always on’ use.

LED Displays are often used in set-top boxes, microwave ovens, washing machines, dishwashers and fridges – as well as industrial applications in process control, instrumentation and automotive.

Most LED Displays are custom made to suit the application they are to be used in and this is where Selectronic excel – making sure that the LED display you require is fit for purpose at the cost level required.

Custom LED Dispays

An LED Display is an arrangement of LED die packaged together to form a convenient display. They usually consist of 7 segment numeric displays and a selection of icons. Each LED will require around 5mA to drive it. The circuitry is usually a multiplex arrangement – enabling a microcomputer to directly drive it. The display is fully sealed against the environment and offers lifetimes of around 100k hours.

LED Display Technology


Wavelength IntervalTypical Die ConstructionRelative Cost
True Green525nmInGaN*****
True Red645nmAlInGaP*****
WhiteA white LED is a Blue led that is coated with phosphors. The mixture of the Blue light and the re emitted colours from the phosphor produces ‘White’


The display can be virtually any dimension to suit the application, but are usually between 10 -60mm high by 10- 150mm wide.


The face colour of the display can be matched to your requirement.


Any design icon is possible. We welcome your ideas! Larger icons may need multiple LED die to uniformly illuminate them


Complex designs benefit from a plastic overlay film placed over the reflector face to accurately reveal icon details. The surface finish of the overlay can be matched to customer requirements.

Reflector Moulding

This is customised for each display.


The actual ‘Pinout’ can be optimised to suit the customer circuit board layout. The mechanical outline of the pin can be shaped to suit the requirement.

Electrical Configuration

Either straightforward or multiplexed arrangements (common anode or common cathode) are possible. A Driver IC can be incorporated into the display so that it responds to simple Data inputs, rather than requiring the use of a CPU.

Optical Characteristics

The light output can be optimised for the application, and the intensity and the colour (wavelength) will be matched to offer a uniform display.

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