TFT Displays

Following the merger with Anders Electronics, we are no longer updating this website and it will shortly close. Please visit the Anders website – here you will also find details of our extended TFT range and the design services we offer.


Selectronic supply a complete choice of industrial grade and automotive TFT displays in wide temperature ranges and standard industrial package sizes. We also provide full or semi-custom TFT displays with optimised characteristics to supply truly enhanced displays for your customers.

We also supply Thin-Film-Transistor LCD displays to a wide range of industry sectors that are used in numerous applications because of their high image quality, wide viewing angle and fast response display.

We offer display sizes from 1.44 to 23 inch small-medium size TFT with a variety of resolutions; from QVGA to WXGA.







TFT Standard Modules

Diagonal SizeSelectronic Part NoResolutionOuter dimensionActive areaBrightness (typ)InterfaceICSTD TouchMiscSpec
1.44SEL0144SQAB3128 × 12832.36 38.0025.50 × 26.50250 cdMPU/3/4 serialILI9163CResInterface optionsDownload
1.6SELR016XDHC0100256 × 32031.20 × 44.3625.34 × 31.68450 cdSPIST7796SIn CellTransmissiveDownload
1.8SEL018QQAB0128 x 16034.00 x 47.0028.30 x 35.40180 cd8-bits data/ RGBILI9163CNTransmissiveDownload
2SEL020QCFC1176 x 22038.50 × 51.4031.68 × 39.60150 cd8 bits paralleln/aNTransmissiveDownload
2.3SEL023LQAA2320 x 24050.80 x 45.8048.06 x 38.50180 cd8 bit busILI9342ResTransmissiveDownload
2.4SEL97100-DT024QV240 x 32041.52 x 48.9636.72 x 48.96300 cd8 bits/SPIST7789SNTransmissiveDownload
2.6SEL026FH039240 x 32046.00 x 64.0039.6 × 52.8250 cd8/16 bitsHX8347BNTransmissiveDownload
2.8SEL028HDHG06-01320 x 24060.09 x 50.0257.6 x 43.20300 cdParrallelST7362NMicro reflectiveDownload
3SELR030LDHT1240 x 32047.28×76.438.88x 64.8130 cdRGB+3SPI/CPUHX8352BNTransflectiveDownload
3SEL240400N06240 x 40045.04 x 7.02538.88 x 64.8150 cd8/16/18 bits/ 80/RGB+SPIILI9327NExt Temp RangeDownload
3.5SELTR350MLQZ-01P320 x 24076.9×63.9×4.370.08 *52.56420 cdMCU/SPISSD2119RRTP/NTransmissiveDownload
3.5SEL035QVAD9320 x 24076.90 × 63.9070.08 x 52.56540 cdDigital 24-bits /RGBHX8238-DNHigh BrightDownload
3.5SEL0R35HDHT1240 x 32064.00 x 85.0053.64 x 71.5280 cdRGB 6 bit SPIRTPTransflectiveDownload
3.5SEL035PDHG03320 x 48055.26X84.6948.96 X 73.44300 cdMPU/ParrellelHX8357CNHVGADownload
3.5SEL1373B0320 x 48056.54 × 85.548.96 × 73.44300cd18 bit parrellel RGBILI9488NTransmissiveDownload
3.5SEL035WDH01480 x 64064.00 x 85.0053.28 x 71.04300 cdRGB18 bit +SPIHX8363-A03N/RES/CTPTransmissiveDownload
3.7SEL037WDHT01480 x 64065.0 x 89.0 x 3.056.16 x 74.88400 cd18 bit RGBHX8379-CRTP/NTransflectiveDownload
4.0SEL040WDHT1360 x 60060.04*102.8*2.851.84×86.4200 cdCMOS 8bitHX8376-ARTP/NTransflectiveDownload
4.3SEL043NBH02480 x 272105.50 X 67.2095.04 X 53.85280 cd24 bit parallelHX8257ARTPAG finishDownload
4.3SEL430MTWH-06P480 x 80067.2×105.553.86 X 95.04350 cd24 BITS RGBHX8257ARTP/NTransmissive/Normal WhiteDownload
4.3SEL1333A0480 x80064.6 × 118.6555.8 × 93.0350 cd24 bits RGBILI2102tPCAPWide View TechDownload
4.7SEL047NBH03480 x 272114.30 x 72.50103.68 x 58.752350 cdRGB 24 bits with TCONResTransmissive Download
5SEL1470A0480 x 272123.00 ×78.72110.88 x 62.382400 cd24/18 bit parallel/RGBNAuto/Ext tempDownload
5SEL050RVHG01800 x 480120.70 ×75.80108.00 x 64.80250 cdDigital 24-bits /RGBHX8264-D+HX8664-BY .CTPCPT inc CS cover glassDownload
5SELTR500MTWH-03800 x 480120.76×75.85108 *64.8600 cd24 Bit RGB interfaceHX8664B+HX8264DRTP/NTransmissiveDownload
5SELW50SNCH3E0800 x 480108.00 x 64.80118.5 x 77.5700 cdDigital 24-bits /RGBNHigh BrightDownload
5SELW50SPCH6R0800 x 480108.00 x 64.80118.5 x 77.5600 cdDigital 24-bits / RGBresCPT optionDownload
5.7SEL057KBHG01320 x 240144.00 x 104.60115.20 x 86.40320 cdRGB 18 bitsN. ResTransmissiveDownload
5.7SELTR570MCVH-02640 x 480127 x 98.43115.20 x 86.401000 cdRGB 18 bitsHX8250A+HX8678BN. ResHi Bright/ 530 cd version avalibleDownload
5.7SEL-S90405-DV057HD-1720 x 128076.80 x 136.7774.58 x 135.00500 cdVideo MIPIOTM1283ANHDDownload
6.2SEL062RDH03800 x 480155.20 x 88.20137.40 x 77.28400 cdTTL RGB 24 bitsNTransmissiveDownload
7SEL700MZXH-021024 x 600164.8 × 99.8154.21 X 85.92450 cdLVDSN/RES/CTPNormally black,FFSDownload
7SEL1487A0800 x 480166.00 × 106.10152.40 × 91.44700 cd24 bit Parrell/ LVDSN .RESAuto/ Ext TempDownload
7SEL70SNAD1ED800 x 480165.00 x 104.00153.60 x 86.64550 cdTTL/Digital 18 bitRGBN. Res. CPTLED driver incDownload
7SELR070RVHG0400800 x 480164.90x100x5.7115.28 x 87.121000 cd24 bitNTI1003N. Res. CPT Hight Bright Download
7SELW70SNCE1E0800 x 480166.60 x 109.40152.40 x 91.441000 cdLVDSN.Res.CPTHigh BrightDownload
8SELX80NNDC1F01024 x 768183.00 x 141.03162.04 x 121.53400 cdLVDS/6-bit RGBNCTP optionalDownload
8SEL1467A1800 x 480191.00 × 121.00176.40 × 99.36600 cd18 bit parallel/RGBN.ResAuto/Ext tempDownload
8SELS80SNB12E0800 x 600183.00 x 141.00162.00 x 121.50400 cdLVDS/ 6-bit RGBN.ResCTP optionalDownload
8SELS80MNFG1E01600 x 480208.00 x 73.00194.4 x53.82500 cdLVDS 40 pinNIPS, Letterbox,  HC finishDownload
8.4SEL84SDHG01800 x 600203.00 x 142.50170.40 x 127.80250 cdLVDS 6/8 bitNTransmissiveDownload
9SEL090RDH01800 × 480211.10 x126.50198.00 × 111.70250 cdTTLNTransmissiveDownload
9.2SELR092XDHG01001920 x 480237 x 72.3226.944  x56.736500 cdLVDS/SPIHX8298-A-THX8660-BNLetterboxDownload
9.7SELR092XDHG01001024 x 768210.20 x 166.20196.61 x 147.46220 cdRGB 24 bits / TCONNTransmissiveDownload
10SEL-TRA10MZXH-011024 × 600235.00 ×143.00222.72(W) × 125.28450 cdLVDS 20 pinNLetterboxDownload
10.4SEL4TPBL2R0800 x 600243.00 x 185.60211.20 x 158.40500 cdLVDS/ 6-bit RGB)N. ResTTL interface optionDownload
10.4SEL1307A01024*RGB*100289.92 x 41.5264.192(W)×25.8(H)250 cdRGB IF(16 bit)HX8282-A*1, HX8678-C*1NLetterboxDownload
10.4SELSA4TNBL4E0800 x 600243.00 x 185.60211.2 x 158.41500 CDLVDS / 18 bit InterfaceN .RESSunlight ReadableDownload
12.1SELXC1TNCF1F01024 x 768260.50 x 204.00245.76 x 184.32600 cdLVDS/6/8 bit RGBNHigh Bright optionDownload
15SEL150TDSG521024 x 768326.50 × 253.50304.12 x 228.09250cdLVDS/8 Bit RGBNTransmissiveDownload

Large Size TFT Displays


Introducing a new range of large size TFT displays especially suited to the Digital Signage market – Ranging from Bar Style Displays for shelf edge signage in retail (from 19″ to 48″) and ultra slim large format TFTs (from 18.5″ to 98″), Selectronic can provide the complete digital signage solution with a variety of driver and touch options to suit the end application. Talk to our sales team today for further information.

Bar Displays

Size (Inches)DescriptionBrightnessResolutionProduct Size (mm)
19″19″ FHD Bar Display300nits1920 x 360491.5(H) x 109.4(V)
21″21″ FHD Bar Display300nits1920 x 132542.4(H) x 54.7(V)
24″24″ FHD Bar Display300nits1920 x 360612.7(H) x 132.1(V)
28″28″ FHD Bar Display700nits1920 x 360732(H) x 165(V)
36.6″36.6″ FHD Bar Display700nits1920 x 290960(H) x 174.3(V)
47.1″47.1″ UHD Bar Display500nits3840 x 1601209(H) x 62.9(V)

Digital Signage Displays

Size (Inches)DescriptionBrightnessResolutionProduct Size (mm)
18.5″18.5″ HD TFT250nits1366 x 768430.4(H) x 254.6(V)
21.5″21.5″ FHD TFT500nits1920 x 1080495.6(H) X 292.2(V)
22″22″ FHD TFT Square Display500nits1920 x 1920409.56(H) x 409.56(V)
23.8″23.8″ FHD TFT550nits1920 x 1080543(H) x 317.4(V)
27″27″ FHD TFT300nits1920 x 1080607.1(H) x 354.1(V)
27″27″ UHD TFT350nits3840 x 2160608.8(H) x 355.3(V)
32″32″ FHD TFT400nits1920 x 1080716.2(H) x 415.05(V)
33.2″33.2″ FHD TFT Square Display420nits1920 x 1920612.96(H) x 612.96(V)
43″43″ FHD TFT400nits1920 x 1080961.7(H) x 550.1(V)
49″49″ FHD TFT 380nits1920 x 10801078.6(H) x 621.3(V)
55″55″ UHD TFT800nits3840 x 21601232.8(H) x 703.6(V)
65″65″ UHD TFT500nits3840 x 21601450.4(H) x 825.4(V)
98″98″ UHD500nits3840 x 21602207.2(H) x 1262.2(V)

Open Solutions

Selectronic are pleased to announce the arrival of our new range of open display solutions – With flexible options that will enable quick and easy integration into your application design and sizes ranging from 21.5″ through to 55″, we’re sure to have the right solution.

Open Solutions  Open Style


Open Style

Monitor or Android Board Solution – With super wide viewing angles, the open style solution is complete with LCD module, chassis, main board, power board and driver electronics. Contact our sales team for further information.

Size (Inches)DescriptionBrightnessResolutionProduct Size (mm)
32″32″ Open Style Monitor or Android Board Solution400nits1920 x 1080698.4(H) X 392.9(V)
43″43″ Open Style Monitor or Android Board Solution400nits1920 x 1080961.7(H) x 550.1(V)
49″49″ Open Style Monitor or Android Board Solution400nits1920 x 10801090.4(H) x 621.3(V)
55″55″ Open Style Monitor or Android Board Solution400nits1920 x 10801230.4(H) x 706.8(V)

Open Frame

Monitor or Android Board Solution – With super wide viewing angles, the open frame solution is complete with LCD module, chassis, main board, power board and driver electronics, with a rear module cover and edge mounting brackets. Available in sizes from 21.5″ to 55″ plus 22″ and 33.2″ Square Displays. Capacitive touch options are also available – Please contact our sales team for further information.

Size (Inches)DescriptionBrightnessResolutionProduct Size (mm)
21.5″21.5″ Open Frame Monitor / Android Board Solution500nits1920 x 1080TBC
23.8″23.8″ Open Frame Monitor / Android Board Solution550nits1920 x 1080TBC
27″27″ Open Frame Monitor / Android Board Solution300nits1920 x 1080TBC
32″32″ Open Frame Monitor / Android Board Solution400nits1920 x 1080716.2(H) x 415.1(V)
43″43″ Open Frame Monitor / Android Board Solution400nits1920 x 1080961.7(H) x 550.1 (V)
49″49″ Open Frame Monitor / Android Board Solution400nits1920 x 10801090.4(H) x 621.3(V)
55″55″ Open Frame Monitor / Android Board Solution400nits1920 x 10801230.4(H) x 706.8(V)
22″22″ SQUARE Open Frame Monitor500nits1920 x 1080409.8(H) x 409.8 (V)
33.2″33.2″ SQUARE Open Frame Monitor420nits1920 x 1080613.2(H) x 613.2(V)


Automotive Standard TFT

Size (Inches)Part NumberModuleResolutionTechnologyOuter Dimensions (mm)Active Area (mm)InterfaceViewing (T/B/L/R)Brightness (min cd/m2)CR TypicalTop Degrees CSpec Sheet
3.5SEL1394A0Monochrome TFT FOG (no BLU)240 x 320Vertical Alignment58.56 x79.94 x 1.33553.28 x 71.044 wire SPI80/80/80/80700:01:00-30 to + 85 Download
3.5SEL1239A0Colour Module320 x 240TN Normally White78.54 x 65.44 x 5.570.08 x 52.56RGB 18 bits65/55/65/65300300:01:00-35 to + 80
4.3SEL1313A0Colour Module480 x 272TN Normally White105.0 x 67.0 x 7.495.04 x 53.856RGB 18/24 bits60/50/70/70400500:01:00-30 to + 80 Download
5SEL050LDHGColour Module240 x 400TN Normally White76.16 x 124.75 x 10.065.16 x 108.60RGB 18 bits70/70/70/70500500:01:00-30 to + 85
5SEL050LDZGZ0Colour Module240 x 400TN Normally White76.16 x 124.75 x 10.065.16 x 108.60RGB 18 bits70/70/70/70500500:01:00-30 to + 85
5SEL1470A0Colour Module480 x 272TN Normally White123.0×78.72 x 7.45110.88 x 62.382RGB 18/24 bits60/50/70/70400500:01:00-30 to + 80 Download
5SEL050RDZPColour Module800 x 480Normally Black122.9 x 81.0 x 7.3108.60 x 65.16RGB 24 bits70/70/70/70420700:01:00-30 to + 85
7SEL070RDZGZ0Colour Module800 x 480TN Normally White167.8 x 104.0 x 6.4152.4 x 91.44RGB 24 bits65/70/70/70400500:01:00-30 to + 85
7SEL070RDZGZ1Colour Module800 x 480TN Normally White168.38 x 101.86 x 7.0154.08 x 85.92RGB 24 bits60/70/70/70500500:01:00-30 to + 85
7SEL070RDZP01Colour Module800 x 480Normally Black169.6 x 107.44 x 17.2152.4 x 91.446bits + 2bits FRC TTL88/88/88/88500900:01:00-30 to + 85
7SEL1487B0Colour Module800 x 480Normally Black166.6 x 106.1 x 7.0152.4 x 91.44RGB 24 bit/LVDS89/89/89/898001000:01:00-30 to + 85
7SEL80482QS3Colour Module800 x 480TN Normally White167.8 x 104.0 x 10.83152.4 x 91.44RGB 24 bit/LVDS55/65/70/70550500:01:00-30 to + 85
8SEL080JDHG01Colour Module1280 x 720TN Normally White190.62 x 117.2 x 6.8177.024 x 99.576LVDS60/60/60/60440800:01:00-30 to + 85
8SEL080RDHGZ0Colour Module800 x 480TN Normally White190.0 x 120.0 x 6.4174.0 x 104.4RGB 18 bits60/70/70/70600600:01:00-30 to + 85
8SEL080RDHP05Colour Module800 x 480Normally Black190.0 x 120.0 x 6.4174.0 x 104.4RGB 24 bits88/88/88/885001000:01:00-30 to + 85
8SEL1357A0Colour Module800 x 480TN Normally White190.34 x 118.55 x 7.7174.0 x 104.4RGB 18/24 bit/LVDS50/60/60/60600400:01:00-30 to + 85
8SEL1467B0Colour Module800 x 480Normally Black191.0 x 121.0 x 6.4176.4 x 99.36RGB 18 bit/LVDS89/89/89/898001000:01:00-30 to + 85
12.3SEL1006A0Colour Module1920 x 720Normally Black316.74 x 134.74 x 6.78292.032 x 109.512RGB 24 bits/LVDS89/89/89/8910001000:01:00-40 to + 85

Our successful and long-term partnership with Tianma is rooted in the shared values of Selectronic to offer quality, competitive pricing and long-term support to our customers. Being the leader of small-to-medium size displays in technology, ranging from 1.44 to 15 inches, Tianma place the customers’ needs at the forefront of everything they do, supporting a wide range of applications in industrial, medical, building automation, white goods, consumer, Hand Held communication markets and automotive, as well as off the shelf solutions.

Screen Size: 1.44 to 15 inch

Screen SizePart NumberModeResolution (pixel)Active Area (mm)Luminance (cd/m²)Contrast RatioViewing Angle (U/D/L/R)(Typ.)NTSCInterfaceOperating TemperatureStorage TemperatureModule Size(WxHxD)(mm)LifetimeApplication
1.44 inchTM014EDHG10TN128×12825.50×26.50150500:01:0070/60/70/7050%SPI 4W-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C32.36×38.00×2.7520000HDoor Bell
1.6 inchTM016XDHP01SFT In-cell256(RGB)x32025.34×31.68420800:01:0080/80/80/8050%MIPI-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C31.20×44.36×2.82420000HWearable
1.77 inchTM018FDZ83#01TN240×32028.03×35.04220500:01:0070/60/70/7060%4-wire SPI-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C45.83×34.00×2.8020000HFinancial POS
2.2 inchTM022HDHT11TF240×32033.84×45.1290120:01:0048/45/40/4550%RGB 18bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C40.60×56.60×2.7020000HIndustrial Mobile
2.2 inchTM022HDHG03TN240×32033.84×45.12330500:01:0070/60/70/7050%CPU 8 bits/16 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C41.70×56.16×2.4520000HDoor Bell
2.4 inchTM024HDH49TN240×32036.72×48.96200500:01:0070/60/70/7053%CPU 8 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C42.72×60.26×2.5520000HHome healthcare/POS
2.8 inchTM028HDHG20TN240×32043.20×57.60200500:01:0070/60/70/7060%R.G.B Vertical Stripe-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C50.00×66.70×2.2020000HFinancial POS
2.8 inchTM028KDHG02TN320×24056.88×42.66200600:01:0080/80/70/8050%RGB 16 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C65.08×54.47×6.0020000HPortable Machine
3.0 inchTM030LBHT1TF with RTP240×40038.88×64.80130100:01:0055/40/40/4530%RGB+3 SPI/CPU-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C47.28×76.04×2.4020000Hscanistor/POS
3.5 inchTM035HDHT1TF240×32053.64×71.52100150:01:0050/40/40/4530%RGB 6 bit+ SPI-20°C~+60°C-30°C~+70°C64.00×85.00×2.9320000HIndustrial Mobile
3.5 inchTM035PDHG03TN320×48048.96×73.44300500:01:0070/60/70/7060%MCU+RGB+SPI-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C55.26×84.69×2.220000HFinancial POS
3.5 inchTM035KDH03TN320×24070.08×52.56300350:01:0060/70/70/7050%RGB/CCIR656/601-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C76.90×63.90×3.1520000HPOS
3.5 inchTM035WDHG03TN480X64053.28×71.04350500:01:0070/70/60/7050%RGB 18 bits+SPI-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C64.00×85.00×3.0020000HIP Phone/Home Healthcare
3.7 inchTM037WDHT01TF480X64056.16X74.88200150:01:0045/55/50/5535%RGB 18 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C65.00×89.00×3.0020000HIndustrial Mobile
4.0 inchTW040WDHT1TF360×60051.84×86.4200100:01:0055/40/40/4535%RGB 24 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C60.04×102.80×2.8020000HIndustrial mobile
4.3inch(high luminance)TM043NBHG04TN with RTP480×27295.04×53.856800800:01:0080/60/80/8050%RGB-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C105.50×67.20×4.1020000HGPS
4.3 inchTM043NDH02TN480×27295.04×53.86400800:01:0080/60/80/8050%RGB 24 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C105.50×67.20×2.9020000HMFP/HMI
4.3 inch (Wide Temperature)TM043NDHG12TN480×27295.04×53.86250900:01:0080/60/80/800.5RGB 24 bits-20°C~+80°C-30°C~+80°C105.50×67.20×2.9050000HWhitegoods/OutdoorNavigation
4.6 inchTM046JDHP01SFT720×128058.10×103.30400800:01:0085/85/85/8570%MIPI-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C61.06×113.18×1.4320000HIndustrial Mobile
4.3 inchTM043YVHG30SFT with PCAP480×80056.16×93.60280800:01:0085/85/85/8570%RGB 24 bit + SPI-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C68.00×115.00×3.5020000HIP Phone/ OA
4.6 inchTM046JDHP01SFT720×128058.10×103.30400800:01:0085/85/85/8570%MIPI-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C61.06×113.18×1.4320000HIndustrial Mobile
5.0 inchTM050RDH03TN800×480108×64.80250800:01:0075/75/75/7050%RGB-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C120.70×75.80×3.1020000HVOIP Phone
5.0 inchTM050JDHN08HD-SFT On-Cell720×128062.1×110.4400800:01:0080/80/80/8070%MIPI-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C66.8×131.3×2.57520000HHomeautomation
5.0 inchTM050JDHG31HD-SFT720X128062.10X110.40400800:01:0080/80/80/8070%MIPI-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C65.40×118.90×1.4520000HVOIP Phone
5.7 inchTM057JDHP04HD-SFT720×128071.28×126.72450900:01:0085/85/85/8570%MIPI-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C74.98×137.00×1.5720000HIndustrial mobile
5.7 incTM057KDH03TN320×240115.20×86.40400500:01:0070/60/70/7050%RGB 18 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+85°C144.00×104.60×12.3050000HOA/ Outdoor Equipment
5.07 inchTM057QDH01TN640×480115.20×86.40400500:01:0070/60/70/7050%RGB 18 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+85°C144.00×104.60×12.3050000HMeasurement&Test/HMI
6.0 inchTM060JDZG01SFT800×128080.76×129.22400800:1(typ.)85/85/85/8570%MIPI-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C143.02×90.06×2.8720000HVOIP
6.2 inchTM062RDH03TN800×480137.40×77.28400500:01:0060/70/70/7050%RGB 24 bits with TCON-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C155.20×88.20×4.9020000HAfter-market Auto.
6.5 inchTM065QDHG02TN640X480132.48×99.36800500:01:0060/70/70/7050%6 bits LVDS-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C153.00×118.00×10.9050000HMeasurement&Test
7.0 inchTM070RDH10TN800×480154.08×85.92450800:01:0070/80/80/800.5RGB 24 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C164.90×100.00×5.7020000HHMI
7.0 inchTM070RDHG24TN800×480154.08×85.92400800:01:0060/80/80/800.5RGB 24 bits-30°C~+85°C-40°C~+90°C164.90×100.00×5.7050000HWhite Goods/ Navi
7.0 inchTM070RDHG70SFT800×480154.08×85.92520800:01:0085/85/85/850.7RGB 24 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C164.90×100.00×5.7020000HHMI
7.0 inch(high luminance)TM070RVHG04TN with PCAP800×480154.08×85.9212001000:01:0060/80/80/800.5RGB 24 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C171.50×110.30×7.3550000HHMI
7.0 inch(high luminance)TM070RDHG23TN800×480154.08×85.9214001000:01:0060/80/80/800.5RGB 24 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C164.90×100.00×5.7050000HHMI
7.0 inchTM070DDHG03TN1024×600153.6×90320500:01:0070/75/75/750.56 bits LVDS-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C165.75×105.39×3.4020000HWhite Goods/HMI
7.0 inchTM070JDHG30HD-SFT1280×800149.76×93.60400800:01:0085/85/85/850.56 bits LVDS-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C150.76×94.60×3.3530000HVOIP
8.0 inchTM080SDH01-40TN800×600162.0×121.525037.5006944460/70/70/700.5RGB 24 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C183.00×141.00×5.6020000HHMI
8.0 inchTM080TDHG01TN1024×768162.05×121.54400700:01:0080/80/80/800.56 bits LVDS-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C183.00×141.00×3.4030000HMFP
8.4 inchTM084SDHG01TN800×600170.40×127.80350500:01:0060/70/70/7050%LVDS-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C203.00×12.50×5.7050000HHMI
8.4 inchTM084SDHG02TN800X600170.40X127.80330500:01:0060/70/70/7050%TTL(RGB 24 bit)-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C189.75X149.40X4.8030000HHMI
9.0 inchTM090RDSG01TN800×480198.00×111.69350500:01:0060/70/70/7050%TTL-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C211.10×126.50×5.6020000HMFP
9.0 inchTM090DD5G01TN1024×600196.608×114.15500800:01:0060/70/70/700.5LVDS-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C211.10×125.60×5.7020000HAutomotive after market
9.2 inchTM092XDHG01TN1920×480226.994×56.736500600:1(typ.)80/80/60/7075%LVDS-30°C~+85°C-40°C~+95°C237×72.3×5.850000HAuto, White goods
9.7 inchTM097TDH02TN1024×768196.61×147.46350500:01:0070/70/70/6050%LVDS-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C21.20×166.30×3.5530000HPOS
9.7 inchTM097TDH01TN1024×768196.61×147.46250500:01:0070/70/70/6050%RG 24bit-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C210.20×166.30×3.6630000HPOS
10.1 inchTM101DDHG01TN1024×600222.72×125.28420800:01:0075/80/80/8047%LVDS 6 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C235.00×143.00×4.9030000HIndustrial/tablet/MFP/HMI/ Auto after market
10.1 inchTM101JDHP01HD SFT1280×800216.96×135.60400800:01:0085/85/85/8550%LVDS-10°C~+50°C-20°C~+60°C229.46×149.10×2.5030000HIPC/POS
10.1 inchTM101JDHG30HD SFT1280×800216.96×135.60500800:01:0085/85/85/8550%LVDS 6/8 bits-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C231.20×150.60×4.3050000HIPPhone/HMI/Medical/POS
10.4 inchTM014SDHG30TN800×600211.20×158.40400500:01:0060/70/70/7050%TTL-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C228.40×175.40×6.2030000HHMI/POS
10.4 inchTM104SDH02TN800×600211.20×158.40400500:01:0060/70/70/7050%LVDS-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C236.00×176.90×5.6050000HHMI/POS
10.4 inchTM104SDH03TN800×600211.20×158.40400500:01:0060/70/70/7050%LVDS w/led driver-30°C~+80°C-30°C~+85°C236.00×176.90×5.6050000HHMI/POS
12.1 inchTM121SDS01TN800×600246.00×184.50450500:01:0080/80/60/7055%LVDS-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C279.00×209.00×9.0050000HPOS
12.1 inchTM121TDSG02TN1024×768245.76×184.32450700:01:0080/80/80/8055%LVDS-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C279.00×209.00×9.0050000HMedical/HMI
15.0 inchTM150TDS71TN1024×768304.12×228.09450800:01:0080/80/80/8060%LVDS-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C326.50×259.50×11.8050000HPOS
15.0 inchTM150TDS70TN1024×768304.12×228.09300800:01:0080/80/80/8060%LVDS-20°C~+70°C-30°C~+80°C326.50×253.50×11.8030000HPOS
SizePartResolutionOverall dimensionViewing areabrightnessInterfaceICReflectance
1.6″SELCR0160AUG240 x 24031.20×35.10×1.5829.40 x 29.40210 cdMCUST7789H29%Download
2.4″SEL-TR0240RZS240 x 32042.92 x 60.26 x 2.4837.92 x 50.61350 cdRGB/CPU/SPIILI9325C>3%Download
2.8″SEL-TR028HDHG06-01320 X 24069.2 x 50.0257.6 x 43.20380 cd16 bit CPUST7362>3%Download
3″SELR030LDHT1240 x 40047.28 x 76.438.88x 64.8130 cdRGB+3SPI/CPUHX8352B6.85%Download
3.5″SEL-TR35MTQI-01480 x 64064.00 x 85.00 x 2.9353.64 x 71.52150 cdSPI+18BIT RGBILI9341V> 7.00%Download
3.5″SEL-TR0350SZG480 x 64064.00 × 85.00 × 3.1056.4 x 74.4120 cd18-bit DBI Type B interfaceHX8363A7%Download
3.7″SEL037WDHT01480 x 64065.0 x 89.0 x 3.056.16 x 74.88400 cd18 bit RGBHX8379-C4.50%Download
4″SEL040WDHT1360 x 60060.04 x 102.8 x 2.851.84×86.4200 cdCMOS 8bitHX8376-A6%Download
SizePtResOuter DimensionActive DimensionBrightnessInterfaceICTouchMiscspec
3.9″SEL-TR0390AZG480 x 128105.5 x 40.64 x 2.9595.04 x 25.34400 cdRGBHX8257ANTN Normally white 6 O’clockDownload
4.6″SEL-TR0460AZR800 x 320120.70 x57.08 x 3.10108.00 x 43.20280 cdRGBOTA7001A_C & OTD9960ANMVADownload
7.8″SEL-TR0784BMM400 x 128067.6 x 205.78 x 4.659.40 x 190.08450 cdMIPIOn requestNIPSDownload
7.8″SEL-TR0784AZL400 x 128070.60 x 203.48 x 4.6059.40 x 190.08700 cdLVDSOn requestNIPS, Normally BlackDownload
8″SELS80MNFG1E01600 x 480208.00 x 73.00194.4 x53.82500 cdLVDS 40 pinOn requestNIPS, HC finishDownload
9.2″SELR092XDHG01001920 x 480237 x 72.3226.944 x56.736500 cdLVDS/SPIHX8298-A-T,HX8660-BNa-Si TFT, AG finishDownload
9.7″SEL-1578B01280 x 320252.752 x 73.171 x 10241.152 x 60.288700 cdRGB, 24bit parallel LVDS 4ch/3chOn requestN6 oclock viewDownload
10.4″SEL-1552A01024 x100288.92 × 41.5 × 6.32264.192(W) ×25.8(H)690 cd16 bit RGBHX8282-A HX8678-CNAG finish Letterbox Download
12.3″SEL-192721QS11920 x 720310 (W) × 128(H) × 7.7 (D)*292.032 (W) × 109.512700 cdLVDSHx8255A*4, Hx8695H*1AG finish Letterbox Download

Custom TFT Screens

Selectronic support fully custom and semi-custom options.

  • Fully custom: support any size and shape TFT display, require high MOQ and high tooling cost, 8-10 weeks develop lead time.
  • Semi-custom: custom design on FPC, backlight, bezel with standard size TFT glass, low tooling cost, 4-6 weeks sample lead time.

TFT Technology

Active matrix displays use the same basic principles as passive LCD’s, but consist of individual pixels, where each pixel is then divided into three LCD cells (sub-pixels). The sub-pixels correspond to the colours red, green and blue.

Voltage is then produced by individual TFT (thin film transistor) components attached to each LCD cell, which in turn is controlled by the TFT driver IC’s, allowing for much faster switching times.

TFT displays therefore deliver great quality images or video and very wide viewing angles compared with passive LCD’s.

For instance, a 15 inch TFT with XGA resolution (1024 x 768 pixels) consists of 786,432 pixels or approximately 2.4 million individual LCD cells, allowing for a higher definition of images in full colour.

Several types of TFT are available for different end applications.

Normally White = for the LCD to be transparent (White) when a voltage is not applied to a pixel, and opaque (Black) when a voltage is applied.

Normally Black = for the LCD to be opaque (Black) when a voltage is not applied to a pixel, and therefore transparent (White) when voltage is applied.

Amorphous Silicon = a-Si


Amorphous silicon is the non-crystalline allotropic form of silicon. It can be deposited in thin films at low temperatures onto a variety of substrates, and is the most common technology used for TFT’s.

There are many types of a-Si TFT’s and each have their own advantages:

TN TFT – Normally White (NW)


Twisted Nematic is the most common and cost effective TFT – widely used on consumer and industrial products, although many automotive applications also use TN technology.

For TN displays, electrodes are placed on either side of the liquid crystal substrate layer. When voltage is applied and the electric field is created, the liquid crystal molecules line up parallel to the electric field, producing the inclination to align vertically which then blocks any light passing through.



  • Relatively low cost.
  • Less power required than other TFT technologies.


  • Slightly limited viewing angles in the vertical direction.
  • Colors will shift when viewed off-perpendicular, and will invert past a certain angle.

MVA TFT – Normally Black (NB)


Multi-domain Vertical Alignment TFT: wide viewing angle and high contrast – suitable for automotive product
For MVA TFT’s, the electrodes are placed on either side of the liquid crystal layer. Once voltage is applied and the electric field is created, the LC molecules orient themselves 90 degrees to the electric field, and the LC molecules become inverted. The same LC shape in different viewing directions allows for wide viewing angles.



  • Wide viewing angles
  • High contrast


  • Colour shift when viewed off-perpendicular (not as much as TN).
  • Compensation film required.

IPS TFT – Normally Black (NB)


In-Plane Switching was developed to improve on the viewing angle and the color reproduction of TN panels. Its name comes from the main difference from TN panels, in that the crystal molecules move parallel to the panel plane instead of perpendicular to it. This change reduces the amount of light scattering in the matrix, which gives IPS its characteristic wide viewing angles and good color reproduction.

Because of its wide viewing angle and accurate color reproduction (with almost no off-angle color shift), IPS is widely employed in high-end monitors and is suitable for automotive, consumer and industrial applications.

With IPS, paired electrodes are placed on the side of the substrate making the current run parallel with the material. This technology aligns the liquid crystal parallel to the front screen, thereby increasing the viewing angle.



  • Wide viewing angles – 89 degrees in all directions.
  • Good colour reproduction.
  • High contrast.


  • Up to 15% more power required than TN displays.
  • Higher production costs.

AFFS TFT – Normally Black (NB)


Advanced Fringe Field Switching is a technology similar to IPS offering superior performance and color gamut with high luminosity. Color shift and deviation caused by light leakage is corrected by optimizing the white gamut, which also enhances white/grey reproduction.



  • Excellent colour performance
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Selectronic picture required


  • Complex production process.
  • Higher production costs.

MTFT – Monochrome TFT

Monochrome TFT’s are ideal for automotive and industrial applications where colour is not required, but where high performance is. Very high contrast ratio and the same performance characteristics of colour TFTs.



  • Exceptional High contrast
  • Wide viewing angles


  • Only suitable where colour is not required.

Low Temperature Polysilicon = LTPS or p-Si

The process of LTPS is far more complex than a-Si (9 to 12 mask steps as opposed to 5 to 6 mask steps), but the higher electron mobility allows for smaller transistors resulting in a larger area of transmitted light. LTPS can directly integrate the drive circuits onto the glass structure, which negates the need for two or three edges as with a-Si for the driver IC’s.

This results in a higher aperture ratio and higher pixel density, which is a major requirement for the current smart phones.

Mobile Phone Display Revenues Shares by Display Technology






















Source: NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly Worldwide FPD Shipment and Forecast Report



  • Higher pixel density
  • Reduced number of backlight LED’s required -Lower power consumption
  • Driving circuits on glass substrate – fewer external connections


  • Higher production complexity
  • Lower yield rates
  • Higher price due to process and yield

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