C12W High Power LED 5050F77W10BB-B2C2-FC-CZ



  • Cool beam, safe to touch
  • Instant light (<100ns)
  • High flux
  • Long operating life
  • Low voltage DC operation
  • Anti UV
  • Eutectic technology
  • More energy efficient than incandescent and most halogen lamps
  • RoHS compliant


  • Head Lamp
  • Working Light
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C12W High Power LED 5050F77W10BB-B2C2-FC-CZ

CCT (K)ɸ(lm)TypVF (V)Recommended Using Conditions
5665k – 7040k1100-1300lm5.8-7.0v2.0A@12W

Justin Coleman - Consumer /Automotive Business Manager

Justin Coleman  

Justin has over 25 years’ experience of the display industry both from an OEM and a distribution perspective. This matches well with our range of customers, both new and old, where it is important to understand the importance of longevity and availability of products particularly in markets where model lifetime is a crucial deciding factor.