Automotive ||  Exterior LED Lighting


    LED’s are fast becoming the preferred technology for both interior and exterior lighting on vehicles.

    There are many exterior applications including Side Turn Indicators, Badge Illumination, Logo or Puddle lamps, and of course the traditional Stop/Reverse and Fog lamps etc.

    Selectronic offers a fully customised LED module service or can supply automotive grade LEDs to meet both the customer/ vehicle OEM requirements with regards to brightness and colour.

    Many LEDs are already approved to AECQ101, and those that are not already approved can be verified and approved before SOP.

    From Side Turn Indicator (Directional Indicator) LED PCB modules in wing mirrors to full TAIL/STOP/REVERSE/DI/FOG/NUMBER PLATE LED PCB modules, whether through-hole or SMT components, we at Selectronic understand the in-depth requirements of the automotive design process and the need for automotive grade materials and AECQ components. Our team therefore designs all LED modules with this in mind and our fully …
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    Following the merger with Anders Electronics, we are no longer updating this website and it will shortly close. Please visit the Anders website – here you will also find details of our LED range and the design services we offer.   ‘Its working – the green light is on’. This was the start for LEDs – simple devices red or green …
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    Justin Coleman - Consumer /Automotive Business Manager

    Justin Coleman  

    Justin has over 25 years’ experience of the display industry both from an OEM and a distribution perspective. This matches well with our range of customers, both new and old, where it is important to understand the importance of longevity and availability of products particularly in markets where model lifetime is a crucial deciding factor.