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Oven applications need a display with a wide viewing angle that can be seen around the kitchen. A backlit LCD display will fit in with the industrial design of the oven and can provide a wide viewing angle for icons and numeric information. By careful choice of Led backlight a multicolour display is also possible! High Temperature spec parts should be used – remember It’s an oven!

  Selectronic supply Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) modules to many manufacturing sectors and we are trusted to provide the best design solution for the application the module is required for, both on time and within budget. Selectronic, in partnership with Polatechno, can also offer guidance on polariser materials for LCD’s and TFT’s. Please see the following link, but please contact us for further …

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LED Displays are the most cost effective solution for conveying relatively small amounts of Information to the end user. At up to around 6 digits and 6 icons they offer the best price performance of all displays. They are easily visible in total darkness and have an exceptionally long lifetime of around 100k hours (11.5 Years to half brightness) – …

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Organic Light Emitting Diodes OLED’s use a film of organic material (carbon based) that emits light when an electric current is applied. As they are self-emitting, they do not require a backlight (unlike LCD’s), and are therefore more efficient, simpler to make, and much thinner. Benefits of OLED technology are numerous, some of which include:Simple structure that is well suited for low …

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Touch sensitive Front Panel with LED Display and LED Indicators

Touch sensitive Panels are becoming increasingly popular for controlling the functionality of both White and Brown goods. Our customer required a touch sensitive panel with a smart shiny black finish to complement the overall styling of the product. The problem was that they also required a combination of LED Display and LED’s to illuminate a panel approximately 200mm x 80mm. The … Read More

White on Black LCD Cooker Panel

Fitted kitchens require a uniform look and feel from the appliances used in them to ensure the best overall effect. This can be achieved by using the same Brand throughout your installation – but for the manufacturer they must ensure that each appliance with different display requirements has the same ‘look and feel’. Our customer wanted their new oven to match … Read More

Updating TFT display in pre existing product

Updating the display on a Brown Good can revitalise its look and make it a very compelling product for the end customer. We were asked to introduce a TFT display into an existing product with the minimum of disturbance to the existing mechanical arrangements, as the tooling costs for these can be huge. A 2” TFT was the correct size for the … Read More



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