Think Set Top boxes, Microwave Ovens, Alarm Clocks and Cookers. Our LED-based displays are intrinsically readable. This low-cost and fully sustainable solution will display digit and icon-based information on various appliances, even in the dark.

You are free to decide on the perfect size and shape, choosing single colour or multi-colour LED displays. There is also a choice of either 7 segment digits, icons, or starburst segments for alpha capability. What’s more – the mechanical and electrical configuration can also be fully customised, giving designers the complete freedom to create a cost-effective and elegant display solution.

Fill out the questionnaire below so we can bring your concepts to life, offering you a service that’s completely bespoke to you.

Our solutions are designed to bring your concepts into real life, no matter how creative or daring they may be. With our brand new range of consumer sector displays it’s easier than ever to find the perfect display for all your individual needs. At Selectronic, we have always believed that our customers should have the full freedom to create a design that …
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I have 25 years involvement in the electronics industry; finding solutions that meet design, cost and quality aspirations. Fully engaged in keeping customers delighted from first idea to end of life production.