The Letterbox TFT Display Range

Letterbox TFT Audio Application  

Selectronic announce a new range of letterbox TFT displays ranging from 3.9” to 12.3” diagonal.

This comprehensive range of sizes and resolutions offer many options with MVA or IPS technology, giving good all round viewing angle performance and making them suitable for many Industrial, POS and Audio applications.

We also feature a very narrow 10.4” TFT with 1024 x 100 resolution.  This is offered with increased brightness off 700 candela.  We have our own HDMI board available giving the ability to run multiple displays.

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SizePtResOuter DimensionActive DimensionBrightnessInterfaceICTouchMiscspec
3.9″SEL-TR0390AZG480 x 128105.5 x 40.64 x 2.9595.04 x 25.34400 cdRGBHX8257ANTN Normally white 6 O’clockDownload
4.6″SEL-TR0460AZR800 x 320120.70 x57.08 x 3.10108.00 x 43.20280 cdRGBOTA7001A_C & OTD9960ANMVADownload
7.8″SEL-TR0784BMM400 x 128067.6 x 205.78 x 4.659.40 x 190.08450 cdMIPIOn requestNIPSDownload
7.8″SEL-TR0784AZL400 x 128070.60 x 203.48 x 4.6059.40 x 190.08700 cdLVDSOn requestNIPS, Normally BlackDownload
8″SELS80MNFG1E01600 x 480208.00 x 73.00194.4 x53.82500 cdLVDS 40 pinOn requestNIPS, HC finishDownload
9.2″SELR092XDHG01001920 x 480237 x 72.3226.944 x56.736500 cdLVDS/SPIHX8298-A-T,HX8660-BNa-Si TFT, AG finishDownload
9.7″SEL-1578B01280 x 320252.752 x 73.171 x 10241.152 x 60.288700 cdRGB, 24bit parallel LVDS 4ch/3chOn requestN6 oclock viewDownload
10.4″SEL-1552A01024 x100288.92 × 41.5 × 6.32264.192(W) ×25.8(H)690 cd16 bit RGBHX8282-A HX8678-CNAG finish Letterbox Download
12.3″SEL-192721QS11920 x 720310 (W) × 128(H) × 7.7 (D)*292.032 (W) × 109.512700 cdLVDSHx8255A*4, Hx8695H*1AG finish Letterbox Download

Selectronic have just released a brand new comprehensive range of letterbox thin-film transistor (TFT) displays. The new letterbox TFT display range covers POS, industrial, and audio applications. We pride ourselves on producing technology that brings your concepts into real life. Ranging from 3.9” to 12.3” diagonal, our new collection is guaranteed to meet all your needs, and improve your image quality. Many of …
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