EDGE by Selectronic

Edge Retail Display  

We are now able to offer you a complete end-to-end digital shelf edge solution. As part of the partnership, Selectronic will provide all the hardware products, driven by SignStix’s cloud-based software platform, which allows customers to create, manage and deploy digital content to anywhere in the world, with ease. This means that you don’t need to go to a third party to design the retail display hardware materials that we create, saving you both time and money.

Working together in perfect synergy, Selectronic and SignStix® aim to bring you the complete solution of hardware and software – our brand new EDGE by Selectronic range! Our flagship launch solution can drive up to 7 x 10.4″ screens, ideal for Retail POS applications. Further developments will soon bring together a family of different sized screens and driver boards – contact us for more information.

SizePtResOuter DimensionActive DimensionBrightnessInterfaceICTouchMiscspec
10.4″SEL-1552A01024 x100288.92 × 41.5 × 6.32264.192(W) ×25.8(H)690 cd16 bit RGBHX8282-A HX8678-CNAG finish Letterbox Download

Other sizes coming soon – click here for further information

EDGE TFT Retail Display

As the market leader in optoelectronics, we have teamed up with SignStix®, a leading digital engagement platform and solutions provider, to launch our brand new EDGE range and bring your concepts to life easier than ever before! We enjoy working with our clients in perfect unison to bring your custom-made projects to life, and we are now able to offer you …
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James Attwood - Retail Business Manager  

Experienced in matching the correct technology and visual appearance for the front face of your product. Working with you to take your project requirements from concept stage to mass production.